Abdullah Al Mamun biography

Abdullah Al Mamun joined IFPRI in Washington, D.C., in 2017. He is a Research Analyst in the Markets, Trade and Institutions Division of IFPRI.

His research interests include international trade in agriculture, poverty, and household welfare. He analyzes household welfare models for poverty impact of shocks such as weather, trade policy changes, and investment in R&D. He recently worked on a research study titled “El Nino Impacts and Trade Policy Responses on Grain Markets and Trade in Eastern and Southern Africa”.  Abdullah designed and implemented a database named POVANA18 by processing household income and consumption expenditure survey data of 28 countries. His other work involves harmonizing and consolidating databases on price distortions in agriculture, sourcing from various multilateral organizations such as OECD, FAO, and the IDB.

Prior to joining IFPRI, Abdullah worked in the World Bank Group, where he was involved in several evaluations that used randomized control trials and other evaluation methods. He routinely uses R for advanced statistical analysis and MySQL for data processing. He is also skilled in other languages such as Python, Stata, and GAMS. He is a Bangladeshi citizen and holds an MS in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.