Isabelle Baltenwick biography

Isabelle Baltenweck is an agricultural economist with more than 15 years of post-doctoral experience in smallholder value chains in Africa, as well as South and Southeast Asia. Her work has focused particularly regarding livestock farming. She is also the acting Program Leader of the Policies, Institutions and Livelihoods program at the International Livestock Research Institute. 

She has wide experience in adoption and impact assessment studies, looking particularly at farmers’ decisions to adopt newly introduced technologies in order to understand the drivers as well as the livelihood impacts. She has increasingly sharpened her skills in gender and social equity research, looking at how women’s and men’s needs and capabilities are different in terms of accessing and using technologies and practices. Isabelle’s research also explores institutional arrangements, such as innovation platforms, hubs, or contract farming, that link value chain actors.

She obtained her Ph.D. in Development Economics from the University of Auvergne.