Jaron Porciello biography

Jaron Porciello is an information scientist and a faculty fellow at the David R. Atkinson Center for Sustainable Development at Cornell University. She is Associate Director for Research Data Engagement in International Programs, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (IP-CALS). Jaron has worked with agricultural research communities, publishers, UN agencies, donors, and development groups across Sub-Saharan Africa for more than a decade to support the changing and complex sociotechnical environment of research, evidence, and data.

She is currently co-director of Ceres2030: Sustainable solutions to end hunger, an initiative thatbrings together a diverse and global community to build consensus on the interventions needed to end hunger and transform the lives of the world’s poorest farmers—while protecting the environment.

Previously, she was director of a developing world agricultural science information public-private partnership (TEEAL) and program manager for AGROA, a Research4Life (R4L) partnership across WHO, FAO, and UNEP. She also oversaw the member sustainability portfolio for arXiv.org, the world’s leading preprint server for mathematics and physics. Jaron holds dual Masters Degrees in Information and Library Sciences and English literature from Indiana University. She used to write for The Onion.