Li Xiaoyun biography

Li Xiaoyun is Chief Senior Advisor at the International Poverty Reduction Centre in China, and Director of OECD/China-DAC Study Group. Xiaoyun is Chair of the Network of Southern Think Tanks (NeST), also Chair of China International Development Research network. He is a distinguished Professor and Founding Dean of College of Humanities and Development Studies, and Dean of School of Public and Policy Studies, Director of Research Centre for International Development at China Agricultural University.

Xiaoyun’s work covers development intervention, gender and development, poverty reduction, climate change, international development aid, China’s foreign aid, China and Africa, Africa’s agricultural development.

In 1987, Xiaoyun received a PhD. in agricultural sciences from Beijing Agricultural University (now China Agricultural University) and worked as a Policy Analyst in the Central Party Committee’s Research Department for Rural Development. In 1989, he was the Director of International Rural Development Center at Beijing Agricultural University. After 1990, Xiaoyun studied in Germany and the Netherlands for development studies, and continued his PhD research in development sociology in the Netherlands. He has been a senior expert for the World Bank, ADB, UN, and other bilateral agencies and international NGOs working in China, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Xiaoyun is the advisor for many institutions, including standing trustee of Chinese Agriculture Economics Society, Deputy General Secretary of the China Women’s Studies Society, State Council for poverty reduction, and All Women’s Federation in China, One Africa Policy Advisory Board. He has received numerous awards for his work on poverty alleviation and development in China.