Nicola Randall biography

Dr. Nicola Randall is Director of the Centre for Evidence Based Agriculture, a specialist evidence synthesis center based at Harper Adams University in the UK. She established the center in 2012 in order to meet a need in the field of agricultural evidence. The CEBA now forms part of the UK Centre for the global Collaboration for Environmental Evidence and Dr Randall is the current lead of the UK Center.

Dr. Randall’s work is focused around the use and synthesis of evidence in agriculture, land management and in the wider food chain. With a background in sustainable agriculture, she has been working in the field of evidence synthesis, and its integration into management and policy decision-making for over 15 years. This has involved working with policy, research and independent organizations from across the UK, Europe, the US and South Africa, and on evidence synthesis project ranging from those investigating ways in which to reduce agricultural pollution, to rural and agricultural development projects including agricultural and food policy interventions for investment, yields, income and health.

She is on the editorial board for the journal Environmental Evidence, and is chair of the systematic mapping methods group for the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence.