Saweda Liverpool-Tasie biography

Saweda Liverpool-Tasie is an Associate Professor at Michigan State University, and Principal Investigator with the Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project. Previously, she was a postdoc fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute.

Her current research focuses on emergent issues related to smallholder productivity and welfare within dynamic and transforming food systems in sub-Saharan Africa and alongside poorly functioning markets in the region. In addition to evaluating the heterogeneous effect of poverty reduction strategies (and social networks) on rural household behavior and livelihood, she has a keen interest in understanding input use and input markets as well as evaluating input policies.

Saweda is a recipient of multiple awards including the Norman Borlaug Research Fellowship, 2006/7, the 2017 AAEA Bruce Gardener Memorial prize and the 2018/19 MSU Teacher-Scholar Award. She completed her Ph.D. in Agriculture and Consumer Economics at the University of Illinois.